Veggies and Stuff 2015

Here’s a bit of a round up on what Tony and I are growing this year in our tiny garden. We still lack some resources and space but hopefully this will alter when we come up with a few cunning plans.

Tony is in charge of the veggies. Everything is planted in containers as we don’t have any garden as such. There are three largish bag type beds, with wicker surrounds and in those we have carrots (Autumn KIng) and onions (Stuttgart). We don’t have any potatoes as yet but we should have soon.


I have been busy with my second year herb plants – although I lose some over winter. Survivors include sage, lavender (Munstead), thyme, rosemary, mint and parsley. Also quite a few of the foxgloves I planted up last year. New sowings so far this spring are: basil, coriander, lavender (Provence Blue), nasturtium (Tapestry Mixed), Calendula (Candyman Orange), tomatoes (Alicante, Sungold and Sweet Aperitif), dwarf sunflowers (Sunspot), sweet peas (Old Spice Mixed), cosmos (Gazebo Mixed), butternut squash (Butterbush), and Echinacea. To rejuvenate some of the soil in last year’s containers I have planted some Phacelia as green manure. When I have some space on the table I use for my ‘greenhouse’ in the sun lounge I am hoping to get some more rosemary and mint cuttings as well as some from my mature Grosso lavenders in the garden.


One bed that got some love this spring was the one nearest the house, which contains in one part the graves of some of our past smaller furries and birds. This has been replanted with bluebells, foxgloves, wedding cake and saxifrage. In between those and the established peony and viburnum, I’ve sprinkled a wildflower mix composed of corn cockle, poppy, cornflower, ragged robin, gilia, Calendula, linseed, Nigella, cowslip, Campanula, feverfew, Phacelia, larkspur, borage and ribwort. It will be interesting to see what comes up.


And of course all of the garden’s old faithfuls are going strong – the three mini apple trees, roses, Grosso lavenders and big rosemary – as well as the mints in containers, the bay and a few unidentified green things! Not bad for a small plot, although I’m sure we could still fit in a bit more!

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