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RI love reading. To me, books are the greatest asset one can have, along with the knowledge and inspiration you get from them. I have so many books that my house looks like a small library – and that’s not counting the ones I have had to store up in my attic for a lack of space for book shelves!

indexWhen it comes to reading I have very eclectic tastes, like my interests. There are books on history, nature, self-help, gardening, cooking, diseases, special forces, animals, health and healing, survival, anthropology, spirituality and weaponry… to name but a few categories. And that’s apart from all of the novels! A friend once remarked that anyone walking into my house and being asked who lived there would  not be sure, from the book collection, whether it was a man or a woman.

But as this is mainly a nature and simple living blog, I thought I’d take the opportunity to list a couple of my favourites in this area. In the future I shall be doing some book reviews of them, and others too, but for now I’ll keep it simple.



Oryx and Crake; The Year of the Flood; MaddAddam – by Margaret Atwood

A trilogy of speculative fiction set in a post-Apocalyptic era after a catastrophic deadly pandemic. The world is full of genetically modified creatures, including humans that have come from the big corps who once ruled everything. In opposition are the God’s Gardeners, led by Adam One who have as their saints conservationists and ecologists of the days gone by. Those that survive the ‘waterless flood’ now have to find a way to live in this far more dangerous and empty world.



What Has Nature Ever Done for Us – by Tony Juniper

A well-researched and written look at how the natural world underwrites not just our survival on this planet but also the world economy – something that is often conveniently ignored by those in power. There are lots of wonderful little facts in every chapter that you won’t know about but that will stay with you once you have finished reading.


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