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OI have always loved myths and legends – and folklore. I am a rational being but it pleases me to think that there are nature spirits living in trees and plants, streams and rocks. I know, I know… some of you may think I’ve lost the plot but I suppose that it appeals to the childlike part of me that lives in my heart. Life can be such a nasty or ugly place at times – I think you need a little bit of magic. A sparkle of fairy dust.

Some years ago I had the idea to make a ‘fairy house’. I think it originally came to me after watching the film Fairy Tale: A True Story based on the fairy photographs taken by two little girls that became a sensation all over the world until they were found to be a hoax. In the film the two girls build houses and furniture for fairies out of moss and twigs; I loved those houses so much that I always wanted to make something similar.

A fairy house from Fairy Tale: A True Story

A fairy house from Fairy Tale: A True Story


However I found my original idea far too ambitious so my prototype house was very, very basic indeed. It consisted of one of those balls woven of  wood through which I twisted sparkly yarns until it glinted in the sunlight. I then hung it up in a tree and it looked really pretty for a couple of years. After that the colours started to fade and lichen grew on the side (which I actually thought was quite a nice natural touch). It is still in the tree today, a bit the worse for wear, but I think I’ll keep it.


My next idea was to make some fairy door sand place them anonymously at the base of trees in a local park for the children to find. And then I found out that someone had already beaten me to that idea – and others too had run with it until there seemed to be lots of mini-doors for sale popping up all over E-bay and Etsy! Even worse, I read recently that in some places they have turned up in parks in such great numbers that they have become a menace! However I still think it’s a nice idea if done tastefully and placed in the right location.


I haven’t given up on fairy houses though. I have a new idea for making them for sale at craft fairs. It involves mini birdhouses, a jig saw, some plywood and paint. I haven’t any photos to show yet as they are in the planning stage – but watch this space!


  1. Love it, Jules. You’re garden is perfect for a fairies. I’ve a small fairy garden myself, but it needs redoing. Not sure if you’re on Pinterest, but we are not alone. There are many pages devoted to fairy gardens. Miss you, and still waiting for you and Tony to come to Maryland. xoxo

    • Julie Frusher

      Thanks Ellie. Yes, it is perfect for fairies, you’re right :-). I’m sure they love your fairy garden too! Hopefully we’ll get over and see you one day – it would be lovely to see you again 🙂 xxx

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