Herb Gardens

HHerb gardening is a huge subject and one I’ll be coming back to again and again, so this post will be more in the way of throwing a little inspiration your way. I have always loved herbs – both growing and using and my dream would be to have a herb garden/nursery open to the public. However for now I have to be satisfied with a few beds of them in my garden as well as growing and selling them at craft fairs.

The great thing about herbs is that you can plant them almost anywhere – in the garden, in pots, on balconies. You can lay them out in formal arrangements as was traditional in the past or else let them grow through other plants and vegetables. If you are starting out then begin with the most common ones: thyme, lavender, sage, marjoram, mint, parsley and rosemary. Be aware though, that if you grow mint it is VERY invasive – so either keep it to its own container or else sink that container into the ground if growing in a bigger plot. Last year I experimented with growing lavender from seed, as well as some of the other ones mentioned above. The lavenders are still growing and aren’t yet ready for market but the others formed a large part of our takings at fairs last year.

Anyway, as promised, here are some pictures of different types of herb gardens. I hope you enjoy them. And more about herbs in later posts… 🙂

Container Garden Small_Herb_Wheel_Planter Raised-Herb-Garden-Bed Herb-Garden-Designs Formal-Herb-Garden-5 formal-1herbgarden dilston_physic_garden_TWDA-9526-495x400  contemporary-herb balcony-herb-garden jpg



  1. I have always had mint wherever I have lived, ever since a child. However, I can’t seem to grow it here in Portland. It freezes and doesn’t come back. I don’t have room indoors so it seems I am doomed to live without my mint!

    • Julie Frusher

      Oh that’s such a shame as it’s such a wonderful herb. With my mint I don’t have trouble with growing it but after a year or so, the plants are all around the edge of the pot with nothing in the middle, so I end up layering shoots into the earth to cover up the bald patches! I hope you come up with some cunning plan to enable you to enjoy your mint again!

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