A is for… Abundance!

AFirst of all, welcome to the A-Z blogging challenge for April that I somehow, in a mad moment, signed up for. Now, I’m supposed to keep blog posts short… about 200-300 words. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will probably have spat your coffee out al over the keyboard reading that. My posts have a tendency to be longer… much longer! But that is because I really want to get my subject across. So, during this month I will TRY to keep things shorter, but don’t come after me with picks and shovels if I revert. It’s my nature, see. Can’t help it!

Right, first letter for the first day…. A.

And for ‘A’ I’ve decided to write about Abundance and what it means in the premise of this blog’s title.

P1080613Abundance can mean many things to many people, but to most people it means wealth in the form of bright shiny things… money, jewellery, cars, gadgets. Which is great, but some of us tend to live from hand to mouth in these dire economic times and the closest we get to a fortune is a couple of numbers comig up on the Lottery. So should we feel bad about it? Are we really as poor as all that? Well, no, but it takes a change of mindset. You see wealth comes in many forms. Money is important, yes, especially if you have none and no food in the cupboard, but on the other hand, people with money aren’t always happy either. Happiness needs to come from thinking differently about what you have rather than what you have not. I’m always struck by the images I’ve seen of people around the world who have even less than the poorest in this country. Somehow they still seem to smile, even laugh; their faces are relaxed and their children play happily in the dirt. I’m not saying that their lives are happy all of the time, or that we should go and retire to a mud hut in deepest Africa but it does seem to prove the point that wealth alone will not make you happy.

So instead of dwelling on what you don’t have (and I could give you a list worth a whole rainforest of the things I could put on my wish list), look at what you have around you now. Not just material stuff but people, environment, skills. Once you have discovered all of that new treasure, celebrate it, be grateful for it and build on it. Learn new skills and maybe use them to try to accumulate material wealth if you need to. Make new friends and build your confidence. Try new things and see where they take you. All of this will generate an abundance of something good in your life. Concentrate on the positives instead of the negatives. Count your blessings. And go forth and be abundant in your own way! 🙂



  1. Margaret Frusher

    A brilliant start to your A-Z blogging challenge, looking forward to B now. 🙂

  2. Great start! And a fantastic reminder to enjoy what we have.
    #957 (as of today) on the Linky list.

  3. I agree. Laura Ingalls Wilder quoted her mother, Caroline, as saying, “Enough is as good as a feast.” If you live in a tent, but enjoy your life, have all your needs met, and something to share, you are living abundantly, in my view.

    All the trappings that are usually equated with wealth can easily become a burden. After all, who is taking care of whom? That big house may look beautiful, but if cleaning and upkeep become a burden, I don’t really think that qualifies as abundant living.

    Quality of life trumps quantity of possessions any time.

    • Julie Frusher

      I couldn’t agree more Cathy. And the upshot of people wanting more and more things is usually lots of stress!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration, Jules. We are all truly blessed.

  5. Hello! Enjoyed your post, and the front page of your blog, and your diabetic recipe for brownies… I am one too, I have a little assistance dog called Lola as my blood sugars rush up and down for no reason. She tells me before my BS is too low so I can have some glucose – very helpful at night! Hope to see you again, we are a ‘green’ family. I’m doing amazing animals – I’m a wildlife poet. Liz. http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

    • Julie Frusher

      Hi Liz, it’s not easy being diabetic – especially as everyone reacts so differently to different foods and meds. Lola sounds like a little saint – I expect you absolutely love and cherish her. I shall pop over and look at your blog later 🙂

  6. Yes, I agree we should take stock of the things that we do have, and appreciate these more. I have been doing that with appreciating the views of nature and flowers when I have a chance.

  7. I stumbled upon the AtoZ challenge today and found your blog. thank you for posting about abundance and gratitude. So many people take their lives for granted and in a flash it could all end. We need to realize that every morning that we wake up we are truly blessed to be alive and if we have food for breakfast then we are much better off then over half of the people in the world. What one person takes for granted some else is praying for.

    • Julie Frusher

      Thankyou Evelyn. I always find that going through all the things I have when I’m having a bad day always makes it much better. I think I’d find it very hard if I didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast, like so many people in the world. Therefore, to know I have a cupboard full of food is a wonderful blessing 🙂

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